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"Thanks TMTV! for your service"!

"Your company is absolutely top notch! Excellent craftsmanship and your customer service is as good as it gets."

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"It was quite the job to create a backup. I plan on making another back-up & storing it in another city.

The files you sent me are superb. The clarity and smoothness is awesome. I love the way you named the files. My Mom is 95. I can't wait to share these films with her. It will be the highlight of many years of future fun. I plan to send them to many of the people in the films. I am certain they will spread some joy and nostalgia. My Dad would be pleased."

"Thank you for a job well done! Thanks for the TMTV web site."


Brian H. Ontario Canada - MOTION PICTURE FILM SCANNING (TRANSFER) - April, 2019


"Shipment received. I'm amazed at what you were able to salvage from those damaged films. Thanks much!"

Marilyn O. Renton Washington USA - April 2019 - Motion Picture Film Recovery of damaged film.




"I received the flash drive of my film - it's great!  You guys are magicians.  I only wish I could have returned to 1948 and asked the camera man (or woman) to take different angles and more of certain people - alas....  Anyway, thanks so much again and have a great day."


Rod J.  West Chester, PA, USA - MARCH 2019 - Film Recovery of damaged motion picture film.



I just want to thank you for retrieving so much of the damaged film you worked on for Sarah M. and Mary Ann C., We are amazed and delighted, to say the least, that you could do such a great job with family memories that are irreplaceable. Your results are beyond our wildest dreams!!!




I received my videos today. Everything was wonderful!! Thank you very much. They are an absolute treasure and I am so very excited to share them with my family. Your company is absolutely top notch! Excellent craftsmanship and your customer service is as good as it gets. Thank you also for communicating with me via email. It made the entire process so easy.

Sincerely, Johanna H. Garden Valley California USA, Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning of damaged film - MAR 2019


I hope you had a wonderful holiday and new year celebration. We received dvd and drives, and viewed the content of DVDs.  In addition, I mailed DVDs to family members as well.  The transfer and product is spectacular, a great job by you and your team for a job well done.

Thank you again for the awesome job well done. I sincerely appreciate all you’ve done.
Sincerely, Don R. Harbor, Washington USA. Motion Picture Film Recovery, Rescue & scanning of damaged 8mm film. Jan 3, 2019

I received the package from you last week but didn't open it till today when my cousin who sent the old 8mm film to me came to my house to share viewing it with me. I want to thank you and your staff for the work y'all did on the film restoration. This meant so much to me and my family. 
Merry Christmas to all and thanx again.

Randy P. Texas USA... Motion Picture Film Recovery, Rescue & scanning of damaged 8mm film. Dec 13, 2018


I got my package last night and viewed the DVD. There were two things that really impressed me with your film transfer Recovery and Restoration technology. One was the sharpness. I did not expect my 8mm movie film would appear so sharp on the DVD. I was paying attention to letters on signs and was amazed at the clarity. The other was the lack of redness. I had assumed that some of my film had reddened. There were some segments where the color had faded but there was hardly any red shift. The final segment was shot in my home under artificial light after my family and I arrived home from vacation. Your transfer showed natural colors.




All I can say is “wow!”

My wife and I reviewed our movies last night. We were stunned to see the beautiful restoration job. Just incredible. My wife posted a brief excerpt on Facebook, raving about the quality of your work, and we have already had three people ask for your contact information!  Many thanks for your superb service!

Best regards,

Tim K. Canton, Georgia USA - Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning of old vinegar syndrome film - April 2018

I have received the package and all is good!  It was an absolute pleasure working with you and TMTV.  

I had a bad experience with the company I had previously sent the films to for scanning.  Therefore, I was hesitant to send back out the films they said were beyond saving.  Your prompt and clear communications convinced me to take a chance with your company.  I am glad I did.  I just wish I had sent all 25 reels to TMTV in the first place and saved myself a lot of headaches.

I would not hesitate to contact you for any future needs!

Chad, Waipahu HI USA - Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning of old vinegar syndrome film - April 2017


"Thank you very much, you gave me and my family back memories I thought were lost forever. Six months ago I came across an ad for damage film restoration and I started looking for someone to see if, or what could be saved from my family's 8mm and old VHS that had been through floods 9 years ago". "Two months ago I found TMTV, you were the only company to respond to my inquiry and you did so within a day of my email". "I never in my wildest dreams thought anything could be saved off the old brittle mud glued film".

Thanks again Gayle Scarfone,  Lawton Oklahoma USA (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning of Flood Damaged film and video tape) - March 2017


Thank  you for transferring my old tapes. I have taken a trip down memory lane ! You did a great job. I will drop the other one off sometime in the future .

Mark H. Nelson BC Canada (Video TO DVD) - March 2017

The zip drive arrived today. Thank you!

I understand how difficult it must have been and appreciate what you managed to save.
My younger sisters will be  happy to see themselves with my mom.
Thank again.
Sincerely, Anita Barrington, NH, USA, (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - Jan 2017

I got the discs yesterday.  You are correct the sound is outstanding…most likely uncompressed analog? The conversion of the laserdisc came out great. 

Thanks for a Great job!

Best ,CC, California USA (Laserdisc to DVD) Jan 2017

The videos look awesome. What a giggle. B😊

Barb, Florida USA (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - Mar - 2017

Just got the package and much appreciate your service and skill in the transference.  

Birthday party for a 1 year old from 33 years ago will receive a lot of viewing.

Thanks again to all involved to make this work out.
Gerry, Edmonton Alberta Canada (Film Scanning) March 2017

Rob, just wanted to thank you for a great job with the old Family films. Can’t wait to give the DVDs to my girlfriend and her family!, I also have 2 boxes of my family’s old 16mm films, many of which will be worth basic transferring for our archives. I’ll try to get a game plan on those and holler back for an estimate.

Have a great Christmas!

ROB B, Summerfield, NC USA (FILM SCANNING) - Dec 2016

I received everything today - Thank You!  I'm very happy with the quality and extra footage that you were able to recover.

I'm especially glad that I decided to have you provide the stills.  Although there are tens of thousands of frames to sift through, the still images really show the quality of your work.

Thanks again,

Rob D. Anaheim, CA USA
(Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - Nov 2016

You are welcome to post the following...

Thank you very much, you gave me and my family back memories I thought were lost forever. Six months ago I came across an ad for damage film restoration and I started looking for someone to see if, or what could be saved from my family's 8mm and old VHS that had been through floods 9 years ago. Two months ago I found TMTV, you were the only company to respond to my inquiry and you did so within a day of my email. I never in my wildest dreams thought anything could be saved off the old brittle mud glued film.
Thanks again, Gayle Scarfone, Lawton Oklahoma USA (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning of Flood Damaged film & Video tape) - June 2016

Got the pictures – they look great!!!

Thanks again for everything


Joseph W. (Motion Picture Film Scanning) - June 2016

The DVDs and USB drive arrived.  You guys are miracle workers!  The transfers look great. 

Thanks again,

Edward J. T. Tallahassee, FL USA (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - May 2016


Have received the movies. They look great, very impressed, even when projected on our home theatre system the quality is amazing. I would just like to say it has been a pleasure dealing with you. It has been the experience you always hope for but rarely get. This was a subject I knew little about but you walked me through it and have ended up with very satisfactory results.

Thanks again

Dave L. Ontario Canada (Film Scanning) - May 2016


All DVD tapes seem to be in order from that 'mish-mash' of instructions, etc.  My two sons were here, and happily went home with their copies of the film. It is great to have the film in a useable showing format for today's world.

With gratitude again for your compiling of the family history.


Kay M. BC Canada (Film Scanning) - April 2016

Dear Rob and Staff:  Just to say a big Thank You for the wonderful job you did on our tape.  It was a thrill beyond words to hear my mother's voice again after twelve years....any smiles and tears.    I will gather together the other tapes I have and will contact you about having them saved to CD's. 

Again, thank you so very much for a task well done...and Blessings to you all....

Phyllis D. Burnaby BC Canada - (Audio tape restoration and conversion) - 2016

"Thank you so much TMTV - my parents lost their entire home during the recent flood in Texas.   We are going to give them to my mother as a birthday gift.  As they are from her childhood.  She is going to be so surprised.  We thank you so much for recovering these.  It is one of the few things we have left after the flood and it means so very much that you were able to recover and scan these movie films".

 God Bless Christy, Austin Texas USA  (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning of water damaged 8mm film)

I only had time to quickly look at one of the films yesterday and was absolutely blown away!  What an amazing job on the 60's/70's reel.  I ran your copy alongside my older transfer and was so amazed, brought in some screen captures for the office to see. 

Thanks so much.  Looking forward to doing more business.

Vince, Etobicoke, ONTARIO CANADA (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - 2016

It is so incredibly exciting to be able to see these glimpses of our family's lives like this. Astounding, insightful and PRICELESS. Thank you all for helping to save and preserve these moments captured on these films. 

From Hugh & Cousins - New Jersey USA  (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - 2015


Yesterday I viewed the DVD of the film you masterfully recovered for my cousins and I. Over and over again. I watched in awe this treasure of family history you have preserved for us and say from the bottom of my heart THANK YOU. Extraordinary work. I have not heard from my cousins yet but I will no doubt shortly and I expect their reactions to be similar to my own.

With sincerest heartfelt appreciation.

Hugh L. - New Jersey USA
 (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - 2015

Just watched the first disc and wanted to thank you for the wonderful job in saving these films! They are priceless to me and family. I will get some additional films to you in the next few weeks.

Thanks again for the great services you provided.
Gordon L. USA (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - 2015

I just wanted to thank you again for a fantastic job you did on the film! You have preserved some great memories and I am pleased and impressed at the work you did. 
It was priceless!

With Sincere Appreciation, Krista USA (Motion Picture Film Scanning) - 2015

... and I want you to know.  After some weeks of unfortunate delay, then a freakish accident to my 96-year-old mother that left her in bruises and stitches, she finally (last weekend) saw your DVD-conversion of our family films.  It could not have been better timed and more 'therapeutic'!   Funny, touching, and as clear as could be.  I watched it all through with her, and then she watched it twice again.  She loved it, and despite healing pretty darn' well in general, showed an added burst of enthusiasm at seeing these special memories.

All around, it is also gratifying to know that the originals are preserved.  They have historic family-value, whether or not they are ever handled again.

Our three sons plan to do the rest soon in two installments, and TMTV will be our producer of choice.  

Many thanks   -   Arne, British Columbia Canada (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - 2015

You did an AWESOME job on the films we sent you. I can't believe how clear some of it came out. The particular scene we were looking and hoping for WAS in there AND it was clear as a bell!

Joan G. North Carolina USA (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - 2015

This DVD is wonderful.  My grandfather died when I was 3 months old. This will be the first time I get to see him.  Your job really touches lives.  Thank you again.

Gina Deerfield Beach FL USA  (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - 2015

We received everything in good order. Great job! 

Thomas S., Virginia, USA (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - 2015

Thank you, this will be a memorable one as we are having a party and showing the film, then giving copies of course!!!! Sincerely Laurie

Laurie B., Creston BC Canada (Motion Picture Film Scanning) - 2015

Thanks again for your help. I’ve spent the last couple of weeks processing these films and building a compilation from this. It is truly magical to see film of my 73 year old father playing as a small child. These films, thought lost forever, will be treasured. Thanks!

James M., Florida USA (Motion Picture Film Recovery and Scanning) - 2015

The quality from your movie film scanner is absolutely the best I have ever scene. I have had many films transferred over the years as media changes and as I have found more film stored and this quality topped them all.

Great job!

Henry M., Austin Texas USA (Motion Picture Film Scanning) - 2015


Thank you so much for the absolutely incredible job you have provided us on scanning our movie film. Each frame of film looks fantastic and we can take a print from any frame we choose. It was easy to edit and the options you provided are second to none! Obviously this is "The best film transfer of our dads films we have ever received" We did it years ago to VHS, then to DVD and now to a format for editing...your the best!

Vince K., Logmont CO USA (Motion Picture Film Scanning) - 2015


Fantastic – thanks so much for the wonderful service!  We sold twenty DVD’s at the craft fair on the weekend – hopefully we’ll sell out over Christmas and will need to put in another order!!

 Thanks again, Maureen P., Rossland BC Canada (DVD duplications)

Picked up the DVD's this morning - TERRIFIC JOB!!! - wasn't sure what 
to expect but the quality of the DVDs is wonderful - worth every 
cent.  Thanks!! I'm clearing out the basement - will probably have some videos that   I'll get you to transfer to DVD.

Gordon, Nelson British Columbia Canada (Motion Picture Film Scanning)

Received the package yesterday and all the discs work great. Thank you again so much for all your help! :) it's much more watchable than the old VHS, with much better sound. You've made the best copy of this movie that exists on the planet.

Stacey, Toronto Ont. (Laser Discs to DVD)

I just wanted to express my thanks for the wonderful job that your
company did in scanning my slides.  I was indeed very impressed with the quality of the workmanship.  It significantly reduced the amount of work needed to upload the images to my website.  Last year I had slides scanned at a local shop and while the resolution of those scans were excellent, the images still required hours of work to clean up artifacts and scratches.  This was simply not the case with TMTV.  I
will most certainly send future work to your organization.  Thank you
for your excellent service.

Warmest Regards, Greg T. D. (Slide Scanning)

Have played it and considering the amount of damage and time it has been
lying around you have done a great job. These memories mean a lot to us,
thanks again

Bryan, United Kingdom (Film transfer to DVD)

I am delighted with the work  you did, and I surprised myself by figuring out how to edit the footage I wanted, during my lunch hour, on my Mac today. I had a dozen or so rolls done last year, locally, but I didn't know about the AVI format you used that is so easily edited, so I may send them to you to have the same formatting done. The quality of your images was superior to theirs. Some people might think it's crazy for me, in Sudbury, to be dealing with an outfit in Nelson BC, but I had a good feeling about your company when I found you on the Internet, and I figured God had a good plan.

Tara. Sudbury Ontario (Film transfer to AVI files)

Dear TMTV, Thank you very much for great job and timely communication ! Very impressed by the speed and quality of TMTV service. My father will definitely enjoy to watch video in June. He also has a large archive of slides that need to be scanned. I am looking forward to contact you soon.

Best regards, Anatoli, Toronto Ontario (Film Transfers to AVI)

We received the hard drive.  The captures look very good!  Thank you!  Ken M, Calgary Alberta (Film transfers to AVI)

Thanks for checking back with us. Yes we are happy with the results. We have shared the films with our daughter and family and will be doing the same for my son and his family soon. We will also provide them with copies.
Rick, Nelson BC, (Film transfers to DVD)

The films transfers were great.  My grown up kids were so happy to see themselves as babies! Thank you.

June, Vancouver BC (Film restoration and transfer to AVI)

I am very happy with the job you did on my videos.

Anne, Lemington Ontario (Video to DVD)

Thanks for all the fast work.

Tracy Nelson BC (Video to DVD)

Thank you so much and just want to say what an awesome outfit TMTV is. Your service and communication with your clients is really outstanding. My mother just had films put onto DVD and is just so impressed with the recommendation she was given to have TMTV do it. Thanks again.

Andrea Kelowna BC (Film transfers)

We are more than 100% satisfied with the order.  We are enjoying reliving our memories without having to haul out the screen, projector and fiddle with the reels.  Thanks again.

Elaine, Nelson BC (Film transfers)

Great job on the last order !  - More to follow later.

Edward, Tsawwassen, BC (Film transfers)

It's just awesome!  It's hard to believe our kids were so little.  The sound is great too.  Thank you
Rose (Sound film transfers)

Thanks again - the slide transfers you did were superb!
Michael, New York  (35 & large format slide scanning)

I have received the films, HDD and DVD's that you sent and while I haven't viewed every transfer, those that I did look at were very good. I am amazed at the quality of an over 50 year old film.

Thank you very much for helping us with this project. It is something our members can treasure forever.

Thomas, New York, New York, USA (8mm & 16mm film to AVI, Mini-DV & DVD)

Thanks for your prompt service on transferring my reel to reel tape to CD, the sound quality exceptional.

Robert, Edmonton Alta Canada  (Reel to Reel audio tape to CD)

Thank you for a job well done ! You did an excellent job on the first batch of 8mm-to-DVD transfers, we are sending a second batch

Ed, Tsawwassen, BC  (Film to DVD)

thank you kindly. wonderful job. Happy, Healthy, and Successful New Year.
Cj,  San Francisco Ca.  (Audio restoration to CD)

The tapes arrived today. Thank you for the job you have done especially from the condition of the film. It is appreciated.

Jo Ann, Waterloo IA,  USA (Movie film recovery & transfer to Mini-DV)

Film and video was received today; just in time for a mini-family get-together this weekend.  I haven't seen those images in a very long time.  (My family will remember the actual events circa 1950; I was born a little later.)  Thanks for helping restore the memories.    Well done!    Best regards,  

Bernie, Mason OH, - (Movie film recovery and transfer to Mini-DV)

Great job on the transfer. The DVDs work fine.

Thanks Rex USA (Laserdisc to DVD)

I’m a previous customer from about 1 ˝ years ago where you transferred some old 8mm reels to miniDV for me.  You did a super job and my in-laws loved the finished movie.

Angela, Trail B.C. Canada  - (Movie film transfer to Mini-DV)

Thanks for all you’ve done; good value, great work done quickly, and pleasant, accommodating customer relations.

Robert T. Palm Coast FL,  (Movie film to DVD)

It's service like yours that led me to give your name to a friend of mine who should be contacting you soon with his order, Thanks again. I expect I will have more "stuff" to send you in the future.

Malcolm W. Vancouver B.C. Canada  (Movie Film, Slides & Video to DVD)

We are extremely pleased with what you did on the previous films I sent.  I am sending another shipment to you in the next couple of days for the same process.

Fred A. B.C. Edmonton Alberta, Canada, (8mm Film to Mini-DV)

Hi TMTV, We watched the dvd last night and it was great, thank you for the fine work you did .We are telling everyone about your lab and what you are able to do , thanks again,

Elaine and Ed W. Montrose B.C. Canada,  (8mm Film restoration to DVD)

We spent all of last evening looking at old movies. The oldest was produced in 1956 and the last around 1970. We were pleasantly surprised that the quality was so good, and very happy that we now have these memories on DVD. Thank you very much for your excellent work. I now plan to make a copy of the masters, then get some editing software, and put together a new DVD for the 3 kids ( kids ?, they are 52, 50, and 48 ). Should be a hoot !   Thanks again, and if we ever run into folks of our vintage with old films, we will certainly recommend your company.  

Regards, Don, Osoyoos B.C.  - (Film transfer to AVI files)

Wanting to let you know the slides that you scanned to DVD look great, much better than the originals. We have more slides and negatives to scan an will be shipping them soon.

Dr V. Florida USA  - (Slide Scanning)

Thanks for the exceptional service on our DVD duplications. The colour printing turned out better than the actual photograph we provided. I will be sending another DVD for a thousand copies as soon as I am finished the production. Your prices are very good with no over charges like other companies I have had work done at.

Julia C. Nakusp B.C. (DVD duplcations & full colour printing)

Dear TMTV, This it to let you know that I have received shipment of my movie film to AVI files and everything is just GREAT.  You did a wonderful job and I will highly recommend you to all my friends.

Thanks Again,  - William A. Clifton New Jersey USA (Movie film to AVI files)

Hi TMTV, Just a little note to tell you that I rec’d my DVD’s of the film and video tapes that you copied. I am really impressed with the job you people did. I think the reproduction was better than the original and I’m pleased to tell my friends what a great job you did. Good communication from the beginning and prompt service…very pleased..

Robert C, White Rock BC (Film & Video to DVD)

I just wanted you to know that I received the films back already.  They
are GREAT.
  I know you were faced with many challenges and I appreciate your  perseverance in getting them transcribed to DVD.    Thanks again.

Florida USA - J. D. (16mm film restoration to DVD)

I was very impressed with your lab and service for our 9 x R-8mm reels.  We worked hard on editing and authoring an ‘oldies’ DVD for our parents and they loved it as a special gift this Christmas! 

Angela G. (Film to Mini-DV)

I wanted to let you know that everything arrived safe and sound and from what I've seen so far, the transfers are outstanding!!  Thanks for the effort to get them done prior to the holiday and I look forward to sending you more reels in the new year!!

Ryan H. Sask. (Film to AVI File format)

Recently I sent nine 400' reels and two 50' reels for restoration and digital transfer.  All was 16mm.  After you shipped them back to me, you emailed and requested feedback, so here it is.   FANTASTIC!!!  The transfers and exposures were great.   I was VERY pleased.  These films were important to me since they were of family members shot over 60 years ago, in the early 1940's.  Seeing my 86 year old father leaving home to go off to war at age 22 was remarkable (and boy did Dad ever enjoy the films!!)   Both of my paternal grandparents died before I was born, so these are the ONLY PICTURES I have ever seen of my grandparents.  So, to say these films are important is an understatement.   Again, thank you for the great job you did.
Florida USA - Louis V.
(16mm film to DVD)

Andy and I watched both DVD's last night and really enjoyed them. I felt  like I had access to a time machine.
Thank you so much.  You did a wonderful job.
Gail, Kaslo, BC -
(Film to DVD)

Thank you. I appreciate your professionalism.

Lorraine - Grand Forks BC (Film to DVD)

Master copies arrived in good shape with receipt. DVD's turned out better than expected, everyone extremely happy! Thanks for the professional care you put into your work. Your company is highly recommended by us. Keep up the great work!

Ralph W. - Toronto (Film to DVD)

I recieved my order today. Great job! Thanks very much for your help.

Tom, Sask.
(Film to Mini-DV) Sa

The results from the transfer of my home movies to Mini-DV were excellent. I can't believe how good it looks

Don, Reno Nevada, USA (Film to Mini-DV)

Thank you so much for the film transfer to miniDV tape. It looks really good. I appreciate you working with us I will revisit the possibility of having either part of or the whole amount previously quoted, transferred in the same way. Again, thank you,

Deborah, Crawford Bay BC.(Film to Mini-DV)

Just received our films & DVDs from your lab. The quality is is the best I have ever seen. We had some of our films transferred at other places in the US and your work is by far the best!

Thanks for your excellent service and fast shipping. Dorothy, Toronto, Canada. (Film to DVD)

We ( my wife and I ) are thrilled with the results of your work….having just viewed the DVD.  

Thanks and Regards, Seymour, New Jersey USA (Film to DVD)

I was very impressed with the quik turn-around time including shipping to your location in Canada. The quality of the film transfer to DVD is very, very good and even with shipping the price was cheaper then any other company I could find in the US or Canada.

Thank you, Ester C, Florida USA (Film to DVD)

Your work and prices are excellent and we will use your services in the near future for other work we need done.

Thank you very much. Molley T. Vancouver BC, Canada (Film to DVD, Slides to CD & DVD)

Just to let you know that I received the DVD`s this morning and have to say  that I am more then satisfied... Your work is excellent!  The quality of the image is exceptional..I am looking forward to send you more VHS pretty soon...I will SHOW your work to all my friends....Your service is professional and I trust you in taking good care of my little treasures on VHS...  

Thank you very much...   Sincerely,   Luc, Campbellton, NB (VHS to DVD)

I just want to let you know I received the DVD today. I just completed the playback and it looks very good in spite of what you had to work with... It has been 8 years since I saw the video last....Good job and thanks for your prompt service.

(video to DVD)

"First, I am impressed that the price did not change from the quote (as seems to be the case in so many things these days).  Second, I am impressed with your speedy service and last, but not least in any way, the quality is FANTASTIC!    After our previous discussions I didn't think my player was new enough to play the discs, but I put the most recent one in and much to my surprise it played perfectly!  The quality is more than I hoped for.  I swear it looks better than the tapes did.  Even the footage from 4 years ago looks VERY, VERY good.  No complaints at all.  I wish I would have thought of this sooner.   I will be telling all my friends about your service.  I know they will appreciate the final product if they chose to save their memories in this fashion." 

Thanks, BART, Saskatchewan Canada (Video to DVD)

We are very happy with the quality of our old 8mm video tapes that we had transferred to DVD. The prices are very good and the image quality seems better than the original.

Petra, Cranbrook BC (Video to DVD)



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