Name, Mailing and Courier address: TMTV Digital Video Lab. 5662A Longbeach Rd. Nelson BC Canada V1L6N9 PHONE: 1-(250) 229-2209 or 1-800-824-8688

IT IS REQUIRED THAT YOU PRINT, FILL OUT & SIGN THIS FORM WHEN SUBMITTING AN ORDER WITH A VALUE OF $200.00 OR MORE. OTHERWISE JUST PROVIDE YOUR NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE, & E-MAIL, WHAT ORIGINAL MATERIAL YOU ARE SUBMITTING AND WHAT YOU WANT IT TRANSFERRED OR CONVERTED TO. This form is used for basic submission information and to inform us of the work you require and inform you of our limited liability & guarantees. To receive an "Estimate" with detailed information, please e-mail us before filling in this form or sending your order.

INSPECTION WHEN YOUR MATERIAL ARRIVES AT TMTV: Once we receive your material we will contact you by e-mail and provide you with an order number. Estimates that have been provided before submitting your material to our lab are based on the customers information without a physical inspection. Upon arrival to TMTV our lab will provide a complete hands-on inspection and no obligation "quote" of your submitted material before processing. If there are ANY changes to the estimate we originally provided by email we will not proceed until we have your approval. NO HIDDEN CHARGES. All estimates, quotes and invoices are provided in Canadian Dollars.

ESTIMATE OR INSPECTION NUMBER OR NAME (if provided):_________________

DID YOU RECEIVE AN ESTIMATE BY EMAIL?  (yes_____)(No_____) Have your used our services before? (yes_____)(No_____)

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MATERIAL SUBMITTING TO TMTV Lab: put the amount (how many), if applicable, of material in each large box. If you have a large amount of mixed material you are submitting, please number your films in the order for transfer, but most important, for reference on the amount of material you are submitting. (Do not use sticky notes...they fall off).

This section is for film in poor condition from being warped, brittle, shrunk, water, fire damaged or other issues.

(8MM) (S-8MM) (16MM) (ANY WITH SOUND?)

FILM CONDITION: What do you feel the condition of the above material is in (if you know, circle one) Good - Poor? Is your film damaged and being submitted for Film Recovery & Restoration_______? If yes, you do not need to answer the following questions until TMTV Lab has inspected and provided you further information in the way of an estimate or quote. What file format or options do you require? IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT FILE FORMAT OR OPTIONS YOU REQUIRE AT THIS TIME, DON'T WORRY, WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THIS DECISION AFTER SCANNING.




VIDEO STANDARD TYPE  (NTSC - North American or PAL - European). If in Canada or USA the files will be NTFS STANDARD VIDEO TYPE

PLACE DIGITAL FILE FORMAT ON: (HARD DRIVE) (USB DRIVE) (SD CARD) Please let us know if you are using a PC or MAC so we can pre-format the thumb drive to either NTFS or EXFAT. Portable hard drives are both PC & MAC compatible. PC / MAC

ORIGINAL FILM SPEED: do you know the original speed used for filming? (YESWHAT SPEED?:__________ ) (NO I do not know the original filming speed.)

Any film for "Recovery" will not be returned to the customer (see information below: "MOVIE FILM "RECOVERY & RESTORATION" PROCESSING TIME & FILM RETURN"

DO YOU WANT ANY OF YOUR ORIGINAL... FILM CANS EMPTY REELS CONTAINERS BOXES NOTES OR PAPER WORK RETURNED? Please check the box or explain further..._____________________________________________________________________


CREATE AN ARCHIVAL DISC PRESERVATION MASTER ON: (DVD IN SD) (M-DISC IN SD) (BLU-RAY DVD IN HD) OPTION: (ADDITIONAL COST PER DISC) post scene by scene color and exposure/density correction and exported as a completed movie.

CREATE A COMPLETED RE-MASTERED FILE; with post scene by scene color and exposure/density correction and exported as a completed movie and place the file on: (HARD DRIVE) (USB DRIVE) (SD CARD) Please let us know if you are using a PC or MAC so we can pre-format the drives to either NTFS or EXFAT. Portable hard drives are both PC & MAC compatible. PC / MAC

TITLE INFORMATION FOR THE MOVIE FILM DVD: If you are requesting us to make a DVD or "COMPLETED FILE" from your film please include your title information for the master and/or copies. Example: "SMITH FAMILY MOVIES" This information will be printed direct onto the DVD disc (if you choose a DVD) as well as placed as an "on-Screen" title at the beginning of your movie. Basic printing is included with your DVD MASTERS OR COMPLETED FILE and or copies. NOTE: We are limited by the amount of space for the main title or any additional on-screen titles, please keep the main title information as basic as possible.

TITLE INFO:______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

ADDITIONAL TITLES FOR MOVIE FILM DVD OR COMPLETED FILE: If you require; "On Screen" titles at selected points & or end credits on the DVD or COMPLETED FILE please let us know. You can put the title information on a separate note or e-mail. NOTE: There is an additional cost for titles at selected points or for end credits in your movie.



INSPECTION PROCESS All material will be inspected before processing. Once the film arrives we will provide a complete hands-on inspection and no obligation "quote" before proceeding. If there are ANY issues with your order that involve additional charges, we will inform the customer before proceeding. If during processing we come across any problems that were not detected during our inspection we will correct, fix, or repair but additional charges may apply. If these repairs involve major cost we will stop processing and inform the customer. This could cause delays with you order. That's why it is important to provide any information about the condition of your order.

SUBMITTING ORDERS TO THE LAB: Please provide information in regards to the quantity, sizes, length and what you want your material converted to. You can put this information or additional information on a separate note or e-mail. If we have provided an estimate by email, you do not have to provide this particular information. If any information has changed since the final estimate we provided, please let us know. If your material needs to be in any specific order please number them CLEARLY in order of sequence, (if applicable) Example: 1, 2, 3. (do not use POST-IT Notes, they fall off). If your films are not numbered we can not be responsible for missed or non transferred films.

SHIPPING ORDERS TO THE LAB: When shipping use a reliable carrier and GET A TRACKING NUMBER. Even if you wish to send by regular post there is an option to receive a tracking number. Put your films or videos in plastic bags and then seal in a box, use bubble rap and pack your material tight, make sure to include this order form. Pack it well, you don't want your material to drop out of the parcel.

IMPORTANT NOTICE IF SHIPPING TO TMTV FROM THE USA: If shipping from the USA please put "TEMPORARY IMPORT FOR REPAIR" on the shipping or customs forms. (Your material is being shipped to us for repair and then returned). Declare no more than a total value of $10.00 (TEN) U.S dollars (not the unit price but "total" value.  If you declare a large value you may be required to pay Canada/USA customs duties after the shipment arrives at our lab. Since your material has only sentimental value it is hard to put an actual value amount on any personal material. The DESCRIPTION OF CONTENTS would be: "OLD MOVIE FILM" OR "DAMAGED MOVIE FILM". PLEASE FIND & READ THE COMPLETE SHIPPING INFORMATION FOR USA CUSTOMERS ON OUR WEBSITE:

MOVIE FILM "RECOVERY & RESTORATION" PROCESSING TIME & FILM RETURN: (This section is for damaged movie film) this depends on the films overall poor condition and the amount of film to be recovered and restored for transfer. NOTE: No rush services available because of the type of process used to recover warped, shrunk or damaged movie film we can not give specific dates for completion. Due to the condition-specific, multi-step process for film recovery, please allow a minimum of 4 weeks, but the process could take several weeks. If you require your warped or shrunk movie films by a specific date, please do not send us your films, due to the reasons explained above. We will do everything possible to recover the films as quickly as possible without risking further damage to the films, but the customer must be patient. There are no guarantees that all or any of the film will be recoverable. Some film can be recovered, at least long enough to be transferred, but once transfer is complete the film is no longer useable, either for future transfer or projection. The film will not be returned to the customer if the film is unusable for projection. This is due to the chemical processes used in the Recovery of the film. We are not allow to return or ship chemically treated film under any circumstances. Once Recovery is completed we must scan the film immediately, if we don't the film will retain it's original poor condition within hours. Recovery is a time sensitive process when chemicals are used. The film after Recovery would be of no use and has to be discarded. Unfortunately there is no acceptations unless the film is in good enough condition that it only required "Restoration" and not the extensive "Recovery" process requiring chemicals.  If you wish to have any of your original material such as; film cans, empty reels, containers or boxes returned please let us know before starting the film recovery process.

FILE OUTPUT AND SCANNING SETTINGS FOR DAMAGED FILM: Our system will be color & white balanced before transfer and we will maintain average uniform exposure. There are only two options when exporting files for "FILM RECOVERY: Both file formats, (1) NIS (Numbered Image Sequence - JPEG, BMP, PNG or TIFF in SD OR HD) and (2) .MOV file in either SD or HD formats, will be RAW files and the transfers will have color and brightness that can be enjoyed "as is". But final brightness, contrast & gamma along with RGB control and color correction can be performed on your edit system to suit your personal taste. NOTE: If you are having TMTV create and edit a completed DVD, BluRay disc or "completed" and converted "file" after transfer, all footage can be scene by scene colour, exposure, grain reduction, dust removal and density corrected by our Colorist at additional cost.

WHAT CAN YOU EXPECT AFTER RECOVERY AND TRANSFER: All film recovers differently so it is hard to provide you with guaranteed perfect image results from your film, however if there is an image and it can be recovered and scanned (transferred) we will do our best to make the image as clear as possible. All film is inspected visually for image after recovery. It is not always possible, even with magnification, to determine if what we see on the film will have enough detail to be captured in scanning (transfer). Our policy is to scan a film if we deem the image is discernible on some part of the film. The final scanned (transferred) image quality may still be extremely poor; we err on the side of providing the customer with the best possible salvaged image. Final RAW images can show warping, shrinkage, you may see the sprocket holes, cracked emulsion, in-out of focus, missing film frames and faded, washed out images or colour shifts. If we detect any image on your film it will be scanned (transferred) regardless of quality or quantity. The old saying; "something is better than nothing" and if there is anything we can do to recover and scan your film we will do it! Sound film that is shrunk or damaged can NOT be extracted or captured either type magnetic or optical sound. If your film has a sound stripe there is no way to capture sound from extremely damaged movie film. Your sound film will be silent.

MOVIE FILM TRANSFER & LIMITED LIABILITY Completely blank, black, white frames, extremely out of focus parts will be transferred unless otherwise specified, but can be removed in post (editing) if required or specified. Extremely over or under exposed film will also be transferred, it may have that one shot of Aunt Mary or Uncle Jim that you want. Film that is damaged and that can be repaired will also be transferred. Any film that you do not hold the copyright to will not be transferred (cartoons or commercial type films we deem have a copyright). FILM SPEEDS are determined by the original setting speeds of your film camera when originally shot. We output 8mm and 16mm home movie film at 17FPS as a general rule. Many 8mm & 16mm home movie cameras were able to shoot film at many different speeds which results in several different playback or viewing speeds. SOUND FILM; specifically Super 8 sound film can have poor sound quality. 16mm film professionally shot at 24 FPS should have good quality sound. If you do not know the original film speed of your sound film, the output speed will be set at an appropriate viewable setting. No refunds will be issued for speed related issues on home movie film. Note: Hard drives are PC/MAC compatible and USB thumb drives can be pre-formatted to either NTFS or (EXFAT for Mac), but as a general rule we use NTFS.

FILE/DATA STORAGE: We have a maximum 30 day file storage and backup to all "Mastered file formats" were "files" or "data was created or mastered from the customers original material. After 30 days from the date of invoice the files will be deleted unless we are instructed by the customer to hold onto the files/data for a longer period. Data storage fees may apply depending on how long the additional storage is required..  We store "original film files" created from scanning motion picture film only for an industry standard of 90 days from the date of creation.

STORAGE OF CUSTOMERS ORIGINAL MATERIAL: TMTV is not responsible for customers material or data ("files") left at TMTV longer than 30 days after the customers initial order is completed and invoiced unless special arrangements have been made. We are also not responsible for any material received at TMTV for a hands-on inspection and quote left longer than 30 days once the hands-on inspection and quote is provided. You have 30 days maximum to make a decision if you want us to proceed with the order or not. If you do not want us to proceed with the order and want it returned without processing you would be required to pay for return shipping. If we cannot locate the customer after 90 days, the customers original material will be discarded.

LIABILITY While TMTV takes every precaution for the safekeeping and handling of all material delivered to it, we can not assume responsibility for loss of, damage to, said materials from any cause whatsoever. It is the clients responsibility to insure their material before delivery to TMTV.

PAYMENT: We accept CREDIT CARD BY PHONE, and any CREDIT CARD payments ON-LINE by PAYPAL, INTERAC E-Transfer & checks. All payments must be received & cleared before we return your order to you, this includes checks. ALL PRICES LISTED ARE IN CANADIAN DOLLARS. WE DO NOT ACCEPT PRE PAYMENT (OR FULL PAYMENT IN ADVANCE). A deposit is acceptable and may be required for film recovery orders. We DO NOT accept pre-payment or payments by money orders or bank drafts. Canadian & USA exchange rates are provided directly by the credit card companies or through PayPal. TMTV does not provide US/Canadian currency exchange. Payments made by US checks will be accepted at face value and no exchange provided.

100% SATISFACTION GUARANTEE/RETURNS & WARRANTIES. If for some reason, you're not completely satisfied other than what is listed in our limited liability section, please contact us within 14 days. Restrictions apply to our specialty services for Film Recovery or Film developing - No refunds are provided for Film Recovery or Film Processing when minimum charges applied. When you receive your order, please inspect it immediately and carefully and make sure everything is to your satisfaction. At TMTV our goal is to ensure you are completely satisfied with your order. If for whatever reason you are dissatisfied with your order please contact us within 14 days so that we can make every effort to correct any issues. Claims for physically damaged or missing items must be received within two (2) business days of receipt of merchandise. Returning media: All returned or exchanged media must be in it's original box or packaging provided when purchased and to include any manuals, cables, cases or accessories. Defective media may be repaired or exchanged at our discretion for the same or manufacture's equivalent model only. NOTE: Returns/warranties will not be accepted after 14 days of receiving your order. If any of the above conditions are not met, TMTV reserves the right to refuse the return. For more information go here: We are not responsible and do not warranty customer supplied media. Any issues with customer supplied media will not be covered by any of our warranties or guarantees and is entirely the responsibility of the client. It is always best to have us supply the media required for your project.  Please let us know if you are using a PC or MAC so we can pre-format the thumb drive to either NTFS or EXFAT. Portable hard drives are both PC & MAC compatible.

COPYRIGHT: The undersigned hereby warrants that the motion picture film being presented to TMTV Digital Video Lab Department for transfer is not, to his/her knowledge, protected by copyright or owned by another, or that if the film is protected, the undersigned has obtained the permission of the copyright owner to make copies of the film.

By signing below, you have read and understand fully the type of process used for film recovery and/or scanning of your films and that you are completely satisfied with the explanation of our process.

DEPOSIT: TMTV requires that all jobs with a value of $2000 or more must be secured with half payment when the work is ordered.

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You can provide your credit card number by phone when your order is completed or you may provide the information in the space below.

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