We are listed with KODAK Motion Picture Transfer & Processing (developing) Facilities

We use only the best supplies by Kodak in the processing, cleaning and editing of motion picture film

We are a company you can trust with years of experience and using the latest, state-of-the-art motion picture film scanning (Transfer) equipment. We will beat ANY competitor's pricing in North America that offers the same quality of motion picture film scanning and provide further discounts. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

The quality from your movie film scanner is absolutely the best I have ever seen. I have had many films transferred over the years as media changes and as I have found more film stored and this quality topped them all. Great job! Henry M., Austin Texas USA (Motion Picture Film Scanning)



TRUE Single Frame Digital Motion Picture Film Scanning™ (Transfer) - one frame scanned at-a-time

Each frame of the film is stopped, scanned and advanced to the next frame. Each frame can take seconds to scan not frames scanned in seconds...this is TRUE single frame film transfers.

8mm, 16mm & 35mm film that requires an output to SD or HD is scanned in 2K and output to your choice in SD, HD or 2K resolution and available in a variety of file types depending on your requirements. 4K & 5K is scanned and output in their native resolution formats.

NOTE: - If you have damaged film visit:

A single frame of Super 8mm film scanned in HD from our TMTVISION Digital Motion Picture Film Scanner. Click on the photo for a larger image.

Film scanning of 8mm, Super 8mm, Super 16, 16mm silent or sound or 35mm silent, colour, B&W or negative motion picture films for home movies, the professional movie maker or for our film recovery, restoration and archival services. Film is scanned (transferred) and can be output to several file formats for computer viewing and editing or we can create HD Blu Ray DVD or SD DVD.

Film is scanned Flat (what we also call Raw), however, we do provide "Best Light" exposure, light "Grain" reduction, mid "Shadow" detail and White "balance") each frame of film is individually scanned, uncompressed onto our hard drives. Once there, we can view the scanned files immediately and then export them in standard definition (SD), high definition (HD) or 2K, 4K, 5K compressed or uncompressed files and placed on a portable hard drive that can be plugged into your non-linear computer edit system (NLE) and then edited. There are options to provide post scene by scene color and exposure/density correction and exported as a completed movie in various files of your choice or make DVD or Blu Ray HD Master discs for playback and distribution.

After scanning, we can export your transferred movies to several file formats for either PC or Mac: 1) M-JPEG .MOV QUICK TIME, 2) NUMBERED IMAGE SEQUENCE IN JPEG, PNG, BMP OR TIFF IMAGES 3) AVI files.

EXPORT FILE TYPES FOR SD, HD, 2K. Contact us for options on 4K & 5K movie film scanning.



1) .MOV QUICK TIME video files in the MOTION JPEG (M-JPEG) codec.

Though sometimes conversationally mistaken for the MPEG codec, please note that the "M"-JPEG codec is NOT the same thing as MPEG. The preferred M-JPEG codec maintains individual data for each frame of film on a separate digital video frame while the MPEG codec uses information from preceding video frames to fill in missing information on the next video frame.

2) NUMBERED IMAGE SEQUENCE - each frame of movie film is a still image

SAMPLE OF: Numbered image sequences, otherwise known as Individual Image Frames or Image Sequences (sequential still image files) what we call NIS files. This jpeg image frame was originally scanned RAW (with no colour or exposure correction) at 24 bit in High Definition. The FLAT or RAW images here, have been reduced in size for display on the website.  We do provide "Best Light" exposure, light "Grain" reduction, mid "Shadow" detail and White "balance"). Any additional major effects such as scene-by-scene colour/exposure "correction" should be manipulated in post with either a video editing program or a photo program such as Photoshop™when using still image frames.

A folder with every frame of film scanned FLAT/RAW on an individual, digital still/image frame that is numbered sequentially. These frames can be in JPEG, TIFF, PNG, or BMP in SD or HD or HD2K. (Most common file types used by our clients are JPEG or TIFF).

Individual selected frames can be used to e-mail or create photographic prints.


AVI in SD or HD

These are compressed video files called, Audio-Video Interleaved (AVI) file used for editing in a computer or viewing in standard Windows format viewing software and compatible Mac software. We can output AVI in both HD or SD.


DVD & BLU RAY: We can create a "movie" from your films on DVD in standard definition or Blu-ray Disc in high definition with main titles & direct to disc printing for playing on your DVD or Blu Ray home player or Mac, PC NLE system with a DVD or Blu Ray disc drive. Maximum content for SD on a 4.7GB DVD-R is one hour and maximum content in HD on a 25GB Blu Ray DVD is 1 and a 1/2 hours per disc. NOTE: these are for playback & viewing only and you can not extract or copy files from a DVD or Blu Ray disc.

Exported "files" can be on a portable hard drive, SD card, USB thumb/flash drive or DVD M-Disc for file storage, archiving and later use. NOTE: Depending on your file choice, exported files can be very large and take up a considerable amount of storage space. USB flash drives, SD cards and DVDs are limited by the amount of file storage that can be placed on these three media drives. The BEST option for file storage when dealing with a large amount of files, is a portable "plug and play" 3.0 USB hard drive.

Movie files are NTSC video (North America and Japan) but we can output to PAL.




Safe on film: The film scanner features a safe scan zero image area contact at the gate and rubber guide rollers that handle the film only by the edges for maximum film safety. No sprockets, no advance claw, no capstan, no pinch roller, no belts, means no film damage. These custom built Digital Film Transfer Scanner Systems are also used for our Film Recovery, Archival and Restoration scanning (transfer) service.

Whether you need SD (standard def), 1080p HD (high def), 2K, 4K, 5K, all films are scanned uncompressed. Files are then exported to your choice of format from the original uncompressed scans for maximum clarity.  

SETTINGS FOR SCANNING: Our system will be white balanced during transfer along with Best Light exposure, light Grain reduction, mid Shadow detail and we will set auto exposure. All file formats, NIS (Numbered Image Sequence), .MOV & AVI FILE formats will have color and brightness that can be enjoyed "as is". But final brightness, contrast & gamma along with RGB control and color correction can be performed on your edit system to suit your personal taste. NOTE: If you are having TMTV create and edit a completed DVD,  BluRay disc or a "Completed" converted file after transfer, all footage can be colour, exposure, grain reduction, dust removal and density corrected by our Colorist at additional cost. Otherwise you discs or files will be RAW FILES as explained above.

SOUND FILM: Create WAV or PCM audio files from our Optical Sound Reader for 16mm or Optical/Magnetic Sound Reader for Super 8 with single or two track sound in real time from the audio track of the motion picture. NOTE: Currently we can handle only silent 35mm film.

Uncompressed WAV files are created at 48bit quality for both right and left channels. Audio WAV FILES allows for immediate use in any editing program or archival storage. We can provide complete audio restoration and re-master from the magnetic or optical sound strip (track) from Super8mm or optical sound track from 16mm film and the WAV audio file can then be synchronized with the scanned film to create a completed sound movie. THE AUDIO CAN BE ENHANCED BY REMOVING CLICKS, POPS AND CRACKLES, CLEAN & BOOST LOW AUDIO. If you are choosing us to edit your film, the sound track can then be replaced back with the film to produce clean, clear audio to go along with your moving pictures. Otherwise we can simply supply the WAV Audio Files or a .MOV sound and/or a picture reference video file for you to edit on your editing program.



FILM CONDITION BEFORE SCANNING (TRANSFER) - CLEANING & LUBRICATION: Single Frame Digital Motion Picture Film Scanning™  All films are prepped before transfer to repair bad splices and to look for potential bad film, then cleaned using our Kinetronics StaticVac Anti-Static Film Cleaner system. After cleaning all films are lubricated and a preservative added. If your film is in excellent condition, lubrication & preservatives may not be required, in this case we will only perform cleaning using the Kinetronics StaticVac. This would be determined during visual inspection when the films arrive at the lab.

OUR FILM CLEANING SYSTEM USED PRIOR TO LUBRICATION AND PRESERVATIVES: The Kinetronics StaticVac Anti-Static Film Cleaner is a vacuum cleaner to be used on film. It utilizes an electronic "bipolar" ionizing system. The StaticVac produces both positive and negative ions for complete static elimination. It will clean all film sizes up to 70mm (2.75"), including 35 mm, 120, and APS. As the film is passed through the StaticVac, the ionization system gets rid of the static on the film. Then, the gentle StaticWisk brushes wipe dust and lint away. The vacuum action draws the dust and lint into the foam filter. Even digital ICE tool software does not replace the StaticVac film cleaner for the removal of dust from both sides of your film prior to scanning.

WET GATE SCANNING: In the past we have used a "Wet Gate" as an option. We have found that this solution does provide a good alternative to cleaning and minor scratch removal however, we have found that in most cases Wet Gate provides a softer image and loss of detail in the scanned image. Using cleaners, lubricants and preservatives during the preparation of your film works much better then Wet Gate. There are alternatives to using Wet Gate such as digital software enhancements including scratch and dust removal in post that we feel works much better then Wet gate during scanning.

FILM RECOVERY & RESTORATION: Films that are in poor condition such as bent, warped or brittle will have to be put through our recovery process and can only be transferred by digital scanning to avoid further damage to the film. Click here if you think your film requires "Recovery" or Restoration.  

PROCESSING TIME: Average processing time for TMTVISION Digital Single Frame Scanning is 5 business days. This does does however depend on how large your order is and how busy the lab is at the time of your films arrival at our lab. Please contact us before sending in your footage for specific delivery times, especially if you are facing a tight deadline for a particular project. RUSH ORDERS CAN BE ACCEPTED but this depends on current work load and the size of your order. This would determine the length of time it takes for transfer. Additional charges apply for rush orders. We have several scanners to handle large orders in a short period of time.


(Pricing is not provided by phone due to the many options available. Please see: "FILM GUIDE SIZES & INFORMATION FOR RECEIVING AN ESTIMATE BY E-MAIL" below, so we can provide discounts based on your volume)

INCLUDES: Scanning, film cleaning/lubrication/preservation & minor repairs, "Best Light Colour Grading" (unless requesting RAW files for doing your own post work or if we are providing NIS files - then no Best light is provided). Options for film wash, additional film preservative, scene by scene colour grading and/or correction, enhance any dark underexposed or light overexposed parts of your movie if we are providing you a "completed" movie file or DVD or Blu Ray disc.

SOUND FILM:  We can provide complete audio restoration and re-master of the optical or magnetic sound strip (track) from Super8mm or optical sound track from 16mm film, to WAV files at 48bit quality. NOTE: We do not provide 35mm "sound" transfers, silent film only. Additional charges apply for sound film.

ONCE COMPLETED: You are only charged for the exact amount of film that is scanned Once your transfer is complete, the scanner prints a report on exactly how much film (by the foot) was transferred and we invoice you for that amount with pricing based on your quote. Minimum charges apply to 2K, 4K and 5K film scanning.



COMPETITORS QUOTES: WE WILL BEAT ANY COMPETITORS QUOTE: We will compete with any written quotation offering the same level of service & give you further discounts. Find "ANY COMPANY in North America" that offers lower prices and the same quality of service on single frame digital film scanning and we will beat their price.  Please e-mail the quote or quotes (BEFORE SHIPPING YOUR ORDER) from any other film transfer facility. If they truly offer equal quality of service at a lower regular listed price then we do, we will beat their price. Guaranteed! CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.


Have you had your films transferred with us in the last 40+ YEARS and want to upgrade your transfers to and have them scanned to HD or SD and uploaded to our latest media formats? HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO RECEIVE UP TO 50% DISCOUNT ON YOUR FILM TRANSFER If you originally had TMTV transfer your films back in the 80s, 90s or 2000s to ANY of our previous media formats such as VHS, 3/4", BETACAM, MINI-DV, DVCAM you may qualify for discounts of up to 50% off our regular listed prices + further discounts based on your quantity. All you have to do is provide the original media along with your movie films and any type of proof that TMTV provided your original transfer and you may qualify for up to half off our listed prices. (Some restrictions apply, please contact us for complete details).


NOTE: Customer supplied media must meet our specifications for ANY file formats. Please contact us BEFORE sending or including your media with your order.

Once we have scanned your film, we record it onto your choice of media. When choosing your recording media, it is helpful to think of your film in terms of data. More data means more quantity. A hard drive stores the most data, which is why we highly recommend having your films transferred to an archival file format and those files placed on a portable hard drive. Saying that, you then need the computer and hardware to be able to handle the large files, the computer software and knowledge to be able to edit your films that gives you the freedom to rearrange scenes, and add titles and or music and then export to your desired viewable file or media.

HARD DRIVE: For file storage. Are pre-formatted in NTFS (not Mac/Fat32 or EXFAT) on a portable, plug and play 3.0 Superspeed USB hard drive.

IMPORTANT: Customer Supplied Drives: You may provide your own new portable hard drive, it must be: USB 3.0 "PLUG AND PLAY" MAC & PC compatible but currently formatted for NTFS. The drive must not require a power source (AC) to make your drive operate...hence "Plug and Play". Your drive must have adequate space to hold your files. Good practice allows for 40% open headroom on all video drives. Attention: The reliability and integrity of client supplied drives is the SOLE responsibility of the client and will be subject to file loading fees and there are no warranties associated with customer supplied drives other then what is provided by the drive manufacturer.

Approximate file size for your consideration if providing your own hard drive.

A 3 inch roll of film = 50 feet.   A 5 inch roll of film = 200 feet.   A 7 inch roll of film = 400 feet. 

50 foot reel of 8mm in SD = 1.6 GB to 2 GB.

100 foot reel of 16mm in SD = 1.6 GB to 2 GB.

50 foot reel of 8mm in HD = 4 to 5 GB.

100 foot reel of 16mm in HD = 4 to 5 GB

50 foot reel of 8mm in 2K = 5 to 7 GB.

100 foot reel of 16mm in 2K = 5 to 7 GB.

The above are estimates only.

LOANER PORTABLE HARD DRIVE/S AVAILABLE (some restrictions apply): $200.00 REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT REQUIRED if final payment made by anything other then a Credit Card.

TMTV will loan you a portable plug and play superspeed 3.0 hard drive containing your files so you don't need to pay the added expense of purchasing a hard drive (you only pay for the return shipping with insurance). The hard drive will be pre-formatted in NTFS (not Mac/Fat32) and will be a plug and play hard drive size from 500GB to 4TB depending on the size of your project. You would receive the Loaner Portable Hard Drive with your order and then you can download and copy the files to your computer or back up media and then return the Loaner Portable Hard Drive to TMTV. The hard drive must be shipped back within 5 days of receipt to TMTV via; Expedited Post, Xpress Post or courier WITH a minimum $200.00 insurance policy provided by the courier and A TRACKING NUMBER. NOTE: If you fail to return the hard drive within a reasonable amount of time you would be charged for the hard drive. You will NOT be responsible for the loss or damage to the drive if returned by the above shipping methods and as long as you paid for insurance. Loaner hard drive is subject to the customer paying all return shipping fees, including insurance and cover any additional transaction fees.

3.0 & 3.1 SUPERSPEED USB THUMB/FLASH DRIVE: (All flash drives can be pre-formatted in NTFS or  EXFAT for MAC. We can deliver HD files or SD files on a portable USB 3.0 thumb drive. Contact us for current pricing for 16, 32, 64, 128GB or 256GB Flash Drives. We only provide high read & write speed flash drives.

Customer Supplied Media: You may provide your own new thumb drive, it must be: USB 3.0 or 3.1 NTFS or EXFAT. Your drive must have adequate space to hold your files. Good practice allows for 40% open headroom on all drives. Attention: The reliability and integrity of client supplied drives is the SOLE responsibility of the client and may be subject to file loading fees and there are no warranties associated with customer supplied drives other then what is provided by the drive manufacturer.

How To Safely Disconnect an External Drive from your Computer

Provides the steps necessary to safely remove an external drive from your computer:



SD CARDS (by special request): HD & SD files can be placed on a SD card. Contact us for current pricing for 16, 32 or 64GB class 10. Customer supplied SD Cards - please contact us for our specifications before sending your order. Attention: The reliability and integrity of client supplied card is the SOLE responsibility of the client and may be subject to file loading fees and there are no warranties associated with customer supplied card other then what is provided by the sd card manufacturer.

THE BEST DVD MEDIA AVAILABLE NEXT TO ARCHIVAL DISCS - These are highly recommended by Teamwork Media Lab. Don’t Think Years. Think Millennia. 1000 year Archival. Your life. Engraved in stone. M-Disc DVD will play on your DVD player or computer drive and is the longest lasting media available. Last longer than hard drives, thumb drives, memory sticks or ANY OTHER MEDIA.

M-DISC - DVD: M-DISC™ is designed to last for up to 1,000 years, which means once written, video, film, photos, audio and more can be read forever. Unlike computer hard-drives and optical discs (CDs and DVDs), M-DISC™ preserves and protects your files by engraving your information into a patented rock-like layer, resistant to light, temperature, humidity, and more. In fact, The U.S. Department of Defense put this to the test, and M-DISC™ was the only solution that passed. The M-DISC™ cannot be overwritten, erased, or corrupted by natural processes. Best of all, it’s compatible with any DVD player, which means you can access your data anywhere and anytime.

DVD FORMATS:  For file storage or for a completed film project ready to play on your DVD or Blu Ray player in SD or HD.

SD MASTER GOLD DVD 24 KARAT GOLD DIAMOND COATED PROFESSIONAL 100 YEAR ARCHIVAL MASTERING 4.7GB DVD-R (we only use the Highest Quality DVD-Rs), hard poly plastic case with full clear sleeve, inkjet printing direct onto the DVD (with your title information) & the DVD menu title.

HD BLU-RAY: 25GB 100 year Archival Master Disc For use on (High Definition) Blu-Ray DVD players, televisions & monitors only. For use on compatible Blu-ray Disc players, computer and gaming drives that support Blu-Ray.

INK JET LABEL PRINTING FOR YOUR GOLD, M-DISC OR BLU RAY DVD MASTER We include FULL Colour Ink Jet printing direct to the DVD with your title information: (you can supply a photo or your art work on CD or by e-mail) and we can print it directly onto the DVD (minimum order applies if you supply photos or artwork).

DVD & BLU RAY SUB-MASTERS FROM YOUR MOVIE FILM DVD MASTER: (we only use the Highest Quality DVD-Rs) These are a duplicate from your original DVD master and include; professional grade DVD-R or Blu Ray disc, hard plastic case with full clear sleeve, ink jet printing direct onto the DVD & menu title. DVD & Blu Ray sub-masters and are burned at a slow speed, they are considered as-good-as the original Master.

DVD OR BLU RAY COPIES SUB-MASTERS OR ACCESS COPIES FROM YOUR MOVIE FILM DVD MASTER: (we only use the Highest Quality DVD-Rs & Blu Ray discs) These are a duplicate from your original master and include; professional grade DVD-R or Blu Ray discs, hard plastic case with full clear sleeve, ink jet printing direct onto the disc & on-screen title.


Super 8mm film & Regular 8mm reel sizes are as follows:

Length film speed @ 18 fps
50' S8 3:31-R8 3:55 minutes (3" reel)
100' S8 7:03-R8 7:50 minutes (4" reel)
200' S8 14:07-R8 15:41 minutes (5" reel)
300' S8 21:10-R8 23:31 minutes (6" reel)
400' S8 28:14-R8 31:22 minutes (7" reel)
600' S8 42:21-R8 47:03 minutes (8" reel)

Super 8mm sound or silent film reel sizes at 24fps are as follows:

Length film speed @ 24 fps
50' S8 2:30 (3" reel)
100' S8 5:00 (4" reel)
200' S8 10:00 (5" reel)
300' S8 15:00 (6" reel)
400' S8  20:00 (7" reel)
600' S8  30:00 (8" reel)

16mm home move film reel sizes at 18fps are as follows:

Length original film speed @ 18 fps
50' 1:57 minutes = 3" reel
100' 3:55 minutes = 4" reel
200' 7:50 minutes = 5" reel
400' 15.41 minutes = 7" reel
600' 23:31 minutes = 8" reel
800' 31:22 minutes = 10" reel
1000' 39:12 minutes = 11" reel
1200' 47.03 minutes = 12" reel
1600' 1 hour 2 min = 13" reel

16mm (sound or silent) professional film  reel sizes at 24fps are as follows:

Length original film speed @ 24 fps
50' 1:23 minutes = 3" reel
100' 2:46 minutes = 4" reel
200' 5:33 minutes = 5" reel
400' 11:07 minutes = 7" reel
600' 16:40 minutes = 8" reel
1000' 27:47 minutes = 11" reel
1200' 33:20 minutes = 12" reel
1600' 44:26 minutes = 13" reel
2000' 55.33 minutes = 14-7/8" reel

Most 8mm & 16mm home movie film speeds are 16 to 18fps. This depended on the original setting on the camera when the film was shot. If outputting to .MOV or AVI files we would normally use a default 17FPS (Frames per second) speed. You can request speeds from 8, 8.333, 12, 12.5, 15FPS, 16FPS, 16.666, 17FPS, 17.982, 18FPS, 20, 23, 23.976, 24FPS, 25, 29.97, 30, if you know your original film recording speed. (if sound) we can provide a WAV audio file and you can sync in your editing software and output your film to a file of your choice. Sound film was usually shot at 24 FPS but some Super 8 could have been shot at 18 FPS.

Before requesting an estimate by e-mail for your film project please prepare a physical description of your film as best you can. You may also send the film to our lab for a complete hands-on inspection and no obligation quote.

Please supply the following:


Phone Number:


How you heard about TMTV?

What is the format of your film; Regular 8mm, Super 8mm, 16mm or 35mm?

Does the film have a sound track? (99% of Regular/double 8mm film is silent, some Super 8mm or 16mm film could have a sound track). If you see a brown strip or stripe on either 16mm or Super 8mm in could be sound. If your 16mm has sprocket holes on one side of the film only and not both sides there could be an optical sound track or magnetic sound track (brown stripe). If you don't know we will check for this during our inspection process.

Do you know the original recording speed of your film?

What is the approximate date? (This helps determine the type of film and possible condition).

Approximately how long is each reel? measured in feet or reel size. (See chart sizes above).

Is the film colour or black and white?

Is it negative or positive film? (8mm and Super 8mm is usually positive film).

Is the film on reels or cores? 8mm and Super 8mm film would normally be on reels. Some 16mm & 35mm may be on cores.

What file format do you require? IF YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT FILE FORMAT YOU REQUIRE AT THIS TIME DON'T WORRY, WE CAN HELP YOU WITH THIS DECISION. There are MANY options including: 2K, 1080p High Definition (HD), Standard Definition (SD) in the following file formats including; Numbered Image Sequence Images (NIS), .MOV, AVI, DVD in SD, Blu Ray in 1080p HD masters and/or copies. We can create copies of the masters for distribution to family and friends. The DVDs we create are not copy protected so you can make your own copies if you wish. Make sure you only make copies from the master to maintain quality.

IF wanting DVD masters will you want to add titles, credits, menus or other introductory material to the masters and copies?


FILM CONDITION: The films physical condition is important for us to provide an accurate estimate. Film can be in various condition from excellent, poor to very poor and film requiring "Recovery" if warped, curled, vinegar syndrome, white powder (mold), brittle or damaged by flood or fire. Please check your films condition and provide, as-best-as-possible an accurate description. If you have questions in regards to film damage or you suspect that your film is damaged please let us know. You can also email us photos.

Does your film smell like vinegar or have a bad odor, warped, shrunk, brittle, twisted? Then your film may need recovery before transfer. GO TO:

All film is inspected, prepped and minor repairs including replace splices for our scanning system as required, along with cleaning your film through three processes that include ultrasonic cleaning, lubrication and preservatives as required are included in the cost of our scanning. Films requiring new reels, leader, "major" repairs or extra cleaning, additional charges may apply.

The film will be inspected upon arrival to our lab and if there are any major issues we will contact you before proceeding.

FREE FILM INSPECTION: You may ship your films to us for a complete hands-on inspection and quote with no obligation. If you choose not to have your films restored, cleaned or transferred after inspection by our technicians you would only pay for the shipping to and from our lab.

SUBMITTING ORDERS TO THE LAB: If you choose to send films to our lab for transfer please e-mail or phone us before sending so we can make sure you are fully informed about the process, the options available and shipping instructions.

When submitting film to the lab please number them CLEARLY in order of sequence, Example: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. (do not use POST-IT Notes, they fall off). If you do not know their sequence please number them anyway for reference on quantity.

MIXING FILM FORMATS: R-8MM, S-8MM, 16MM with or without sound: If you have a mixture of different film formats (a combination of R-8mm, Super8, Super8 with sound or 16mm) we request that you do not mix the formats when numbering your films in the order of transfer (or splice R 8mm with Super 8mm) if possible. If you require us to switch between formats for particular reels adds significantly to the transfer time and could result in an additional service charge. To avoid this simply ensure that the order of your transfer places all reels of a certain format together (R-8mm & Super8, Super8 with sound, 16mm or 16mm with sound respectively).

PAYMENT A deposit may be required in advance of scheduling digital film scanning transfers. Once your films arrive at the lab, we will inspect your films and provide a complete no obligation quote. If you choose to go ahead with your transfers, a deposit may be required when scheduled for transfer. Deposit is usually 25% of the estimated/quote total. We will let you know IF a deposit or upfront payment is required at the time of placing your order.

SHIPPING More info: You may ship to our lab however you choose, however please ship by a reliable courier or by US or Canada post and get a tracking number. Return shipping to your destination will be included in the price quoted if your order has a value of $700.00 CND or more and is within our weight for free shipping (some restrictions apply). Orders will be returned to a Canadian or US address ONLY. USA CUSTOMERS (IMPORTANT) IF SHIPPING FROM THE USA; PLEASE READ OUR SHIPPING INFORMATION:

PLEASE INCLUDE THE E-MAILED ESTIMATE WITH YOUR FILM ORDER: IMPORTANT: Please print and sign the estimate you would have received by e-mail and send it along with your film order. This is used for basic submission information and to inform you of our limited liability & guarantees. To receive an estimate with all pricing & detailed information please e-mail us before sending your order. If you choose to send your films for a completed hands-on inspection and no obligation quote without an e-mail estimate, you must fill out and sign our order form:


Please contact us by phone or e-mail for more information regarding this process.

Call or e-mail for pricing or a complete quote




NOTICE: There are many great transfer companies with years of experience and many that just started the last few years. TMTV's Video & Film Lab Department has been providing film transfers since 1980, choose wisely!

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